martes, junio 03, 2008

Entrevista a Yoani Sánchez

A través de Venezuela News & Views, llego a esta entrevista realizada a la blogger cubana Yoani Sánchez por el legendario Alek Boyd, en La Habana. Si, contra todo pronóstico, alguien ignora quien es Yoani Sánchez, ver aquí.

Dejo más abajo parte de la entrevista (en inglés):

-[Alek]: So what's your cause?
- [Yoani]: I am all up for debate, for the creation of a space where Cubans and interested parties can debate about issues affecting us in a mature, respectful manner.


-[Alek]: I read recently that you couldn't access the site and that it had been hacked.
- [Yoani]: the Cuban regime has many good hackers that's for sure. As per accessing the site from here I don't mind. We have developed a way to have my posts published regardless of hackers attempt and every few days I get sent a digest of comments and screenshots of the site so that I can keep track of it all.

Leer el resto: An encounter with Yoani Sanchez in Havana.

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